Write Your Way into the Open Source Community 

Open source software (OSS) projects thrive on the diverse talents and skills of contributors from various backgrounds. Among essential OSS contributors are writers. From technical documentation to marketing, journalism, and advocacy, writers use their expertise to strengthen and sustain OSS projects and communities.

As part of #FirstASFContribution, a campaign to highlight the first-time contributor experience at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), we are shining a light on some remarkable individuals who leverage their writing skills to contribute to the OSS ecosystem.

Debra Chen – A Marketer Spreading the Word about Apache DolphinScheduler

Debra Chen is a marketing enthusiast who has been engaging with Apache DolphinScheduler for over two years. Through more than 50 published blogs, she shares insights on the technical improvements of the project; conducts interviews with contributors, committers, and PMCs; and highlights their stories. Her passion for open source is evident in her efforts to promote Apache DolphinScheduler across multiple channels.

Andrea Messetti – An Editor Amplifying ASF Projects

As an editor at InfoQ and an avid supporter of the ASF, Andrea Messetti dives deep into interesting ASF projects and writes insightful articles to spread the word. His articles on projects like Apache Linkis Middleware, Druid Analytics Database, and Apache Kafka Kraft are read widely within the open source world. Check out his contributions on InfoQ.

Zihao Huang – A Writer and Translator for Apache Doris

Zihao Huang focuses on promoting Apache Doris to a non-English-speaking audience. Zihao writes, edits, and translates articles about Apache Doris for social media and tech platforms. He recognizes the database’s value and popularity among internet companies, and his goal is to raise awareness and ensure more people get to know and benefit from this powerful database. Discover Zihao’s work at Medium.

Marco Ghisellini – A Blogger Sharing Apache Kafka Insights

Marco Ghisellini contributes to the open source community by writing informative articles on his personal blog. With a focus on Kafka, his articles cater to newcomers to the project and provide valuable insights for those seeking a deeper understanding. Marco’s commitment to sharing knowledge with other developers reflects his belief in improving the open source community. Explore his articles at Tech Annotation.

Sameer Shukla – A Writer and Speaker Promoting Apache Airflow

Sameer Shukla has contributed to Apache Airflow in many ways. He has written numerous articles for online learning platforms and presented talks on the official Airflow YouTube Channel, providing comprehensive guidance on the project’s usage. Sameer has also conducted research and authored a compelling paper on Airflow. His insights were recognized with the prestigious Best Paper Award from the International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering (IJCSE). Follow Sameer’s contributions on YouTube, freeCodeCamp, and DZone.

The OSS Community is Diverse

The open source community thrives on collaboration and contributions from individuals with diverse skill sets. While code contributions often take the spotlight, writers play an indispensable role in strengthening and sustaining OSS projects and communities. Their contributions – including writing how-to articles, video presentations, research papers, language translations, marketing efforts, and more – are instrumental in raising awareness, facilitating adoption, and fostering knowledge-sharing. 

The people and stories in our #firstASFcontribution campaign exemplify our “community over code” ethos – our belief that open source community is ultimately more vital than open source code alone. As the OSS community continues to grow, remember that everyone, regardless of background and expertise, can find a valuable place within it.