The ASF Launches #FirstASFContribution Campaign

Apache Software Foundation (ASF) projects are driven by the enthusiasm and expertise of a global community collaborating on hundreds of projects. Across the ASF, thousands of people make contributions to projects every month. We want to tell the story of how some of those contributors got started. 

Today, The ASF is introducing the #FirstASFContribution campaign to celebrate the people who have made their first contribution to an ASF project. For projects that have invested time, resources, and energy to make onboarding a welcoming and enjoyable experience, we want to showcase your best practices. 

Contributions are not just about code. We all start somewhere – contributing docs, marketing, translations, mentorship, running or participating in events, etc. – and all forms of contributions can have an equal, positive impact on a project’s health and longevity. 

We will showcase contributions right here on The ASF blog as well as across The ASF social media channels. We encourage you to use the hashtag #FirstASFContribution to showcase your work and to encourage others to do the same by nominating them. 

How to Participate

If you are a contributor and want to participate, please fill out this short form.

If you are a part of a project who has invested time to make your community welcoming and engaging, we want to showcase your best practices. Please fill out this short form.


Is there a statute of limitations?

No! Your first contribution could have been 10 years ago or 10 minutes ago; we want to hear about it!

What if I’ve contributed to multiple projects? 

Fantastic! Tell us about as many “firsts” as you’d like. **Please be sure to fill out a form for each.**

Is this campaign only for code contributors? 

Absolutely not! There are many ways you can contribute to ASF projects, and code is only one of them. Community or developer relations, events, working groups, marketing…We want to showcase all the work and the people behind it.

What happens once I submit a form? 

We’ll contact you if we have any questions or need additional details. Otherwise, we’ll review all submissions and verify details. We will aim to highlight and publish as many entries as we can on the ASF blog and social channels. 

If you have questions or concerns, please give The ASF Marketing & Publicity team a shout  press at apache dot org.  

We look forward to sharing your #FirstASFContribution!