The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) welcomes the following new Members who were elected during the annual ASF Members Meeting on 9 March 2023:

Eroma Abeysinghe, Hans Van Akelyen, Eya Badal, Juan Cabrerizo, Sammi Chen, Eason Chen, Mingyu Chen, Iuliana Cosmina, James Dailey, Matthew de Detrich, Daniel Ferradal, Jiwei Guo, Alex Heneveld, Daan Hoogland, Lari Hotari, Dongjoon Hyun, Masatake Iwasaki, Christophe Jaillet, Yikun Jiang, Elad Kalif, Gordon King, Steve Lawrence, Gang Li, Melissa Logan, Arrigo Marchiori, Kaxil Naik, Gregory Nutt, Sean B Palmer, Josep Prat, Jialin Qiao, Rakesh Radhakrishnan, Sebastian Rühl, Aled Sage, Daniel Sahlberg, Ayush Saxena, Julian Sedding, Kengo Seki, Priya Sharma, Wilfred Spiegelenburg, Aleksandar Vidakovic, Siddharth Wagle, Xin Wang, Chris Wells, Yu Xiao, Jia Zhai, Richard Zowalla.

The ASF is a 501(c)(3) membership corporation, so Members serve a similar role as shareholders do in publicly traded corporations. Existing members may nominate Committers who demonstrate merit in the Foundation’s growth, evolution, and progress for ASF Membership and/or Board Membership. They may also vote in Member and Board elections.  

Once elected, most Members find additional ways to get involved in Apache projects. While the Board and relevant officers are directly responsible for providing oversight to the 320+ active projects, Members often work within many projects to help ensure they run smoothly and follow The Apache Way.

The ASF incorporated in 1999 with a core membership of 21 individuals who oversaw the progress of the Apache HTTP Server. This group grew with Committers—developers who contributed code, patches, documentation, and other contributions, and were subsequently granted access by the Membership. 

This election brings the total number of ASF Members to 1,050 (747 active and 303 emeritus) today. 

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