The Apache News Round-up: week ending 18 August 2017

Hello, Friday — let’s review what the Apache community has been up to over the past week:
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Success at Apache –a new blog series that focuses on the processes behind why the ASF "just works".
 – Success at Apache: Meritocracy. by Kevin A. McGrail

ASF Board –management and oversight of the business affairs of the corporation in accordance with the Foundation’s bylaws.
 – The Apache Software Foundation Welcomes Phil Steitz as Chairman
 – Next Board Meeting: 20 September. Board calendar and minutes
 – ASF Annual Report for 2017 Fiscal Year

ASF Infrastructure –our distributed team on three continents keeps the ASF’s infrastructure running around the clock.
 – 7M+ weekly checks yield assured performance at 91.78% uptime
Apache Arrow™ –a columnar in-memory analytics layer designed to accelerate Big Data.
 – Apache Arrow 0.6.0 released

Apache BookKeeper™ –a reliable replicated log service for Big Data.
 – Apache BookKeeper 4.5.0 released

Apache Commons™ JCS –a distributed, versatile caching system.
 – Apache Commons JCS 2.2 released

Apache Wicket™ –an Open Source Java component oriented web application framework.
 – Apache Wicket 8.0.0-M7 released

Did You Know?
 – Did you know that Netherlands-based Finalist IT Group manages the identity of more than 2 million accounts using Apache Syncope?
 – Did you know that Apache Cayenne is becoming a dependency-free Java Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) framework?
 – Did you know that you can meet members of the Apache community in Germany at FrOSCon and Solutions Hamburg ?
Apache Community Notices:
 – "Success at Apache" focuses on the processes behind why the ASF "just works". 1) Project Independence 2) All Carrot and No Stick 3) Asynchronous Decision Making Rule of the Makers 5) JFDI –the unconditional love of contributors 6) Meritocracy and Me 7) Learning to Build a Stronger Community 7) Meritocracy.
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 – Meet members of the Apache Big Data communities at DataWorks/Hadoop Summit 20-21 September in Sydney

 – The Apache community will be at All Things Open –stop by the ASF booth and say hello! 23-24 October in Raleigh

 – Catch the Apache Ignite and Spark communities at the In-Memory Computing Summit 24-25 October in San Francisco

 – ASF Annual Report is available at

 – Find out how you can participate with Apache community/projects/activities –opportunities open with Apache HTTP Server, Avro, ComDev (community development), Directory, Incubator, OODT, POI, Polygene, Syncope, Tika, Trafodion, and more!
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