The Apache News Round-up: week ending 11 September 2020

Happy Friday! Let’s take a look at what the Apache community has been up to over the past week:

Inside Infra – the interview series featuring members of the ASF Infrastructure team.
 – Meet Daniel Gruno –Part I

ASF Board – management and oversight of the business affairs of the corporation in accordance with the Foundation’s bylaws.
 – Next Board Meeting: 16 September 2020. Board calendar and minutes

ApacheCon™ – the ASF’s official global conference series, bringing Tomorrow’s Technology Today since 1998.
 – Registration is open (and free) for ApacheCon@Home 29 September – 1 October 
 – Sponsorships available for ApacheCon@Home 

ASF Infrastructure – our distributed team on three continents keeps the ASF’s infrastructure running around the clock.
7M+ weekly checks yield uptime at 99.93%. Performance checks across 50
different service components spread over more than 250 machines in data centers around the world.

Apache Code Snapshot – Over the past week, 396 Apache Committers changed 2,112,475 lines of code over 3,612 commits. Top 5 contributors, in order, are: Daniel Gruno, Mark Miller, Nick Vatamaniuc, Robert Newson, and Andrea Cosentino. 

Apache Project Announcements – the latest updates by category.

Big Data —
 – Apache Ranger 2.1.0 released
 – Apache Accumulo 1.10.0 released

Content —
 -Apache Jackrabbit 2.12.11 and Oak 1.34.0 released

Database —
 – Apache Geode 1.13.0 released
 – Apache ZooKeeper 3.6.2 released

Libraries —
 – Apache OpenJPA 3.1.2 released
 – Apache Commons IO 2.8.0 released
 – Apache OpenWebBeans-2.0.18 released

Servers —
 – Apache Tomcat Native 1.2.25 released

Web Conferencing —
 – Apache OpenMeetings 4.0.11 released

Did You Know?

– Did you know that ApacheCon@Home keynoters include
  Edmon Begoli, Director of Scalable Protected Data Facilities at Oak Ridge National Laboratory;
  Ben Bromhead, CTO and Co-Founder at Instaclustr;
  Jonathan Ellis, Co-founder and CTO at DataStax;
  Camille Fournier, Head of Platform Engineering at Two Sigma;
  Kim Huang, Content Strategist at Red Hat;
  Thomas Huang, Technical Group Supervisor and Strategic Lead for Interactive Analytics at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory;
  Sam Lightstone, Chief Technology Officer for AI Strategy at IBM; and
  Catharine McGarvey, Development Engineering Lead for Tanzu at VMWare?

– Did you know that Apache Druid are holding a series of MeetUps in September? 

– Did you know that Apache MXNet (incubating) was listed among the best machine learning and deep learning libraries for building and training machine learning and deep learning models?

Apache Community Notices

– Apache Month In Review: August 2020

– ASF FY2020 Annual Report 

“Trillions and Trillions Served” documentary on the ASF: 1) full feature 2) “Apache Everywhere” 3) “Why Apache” 4) “Apache Innovation” 

 – The Apache Software Foundation Statement on the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak  

 – The Apache Software Foundation Celebrates 21 Years of Open Source Leadership

 – Apache in 2019 – By The Digits

 – The Apache Way to Sustainable Open Source Success

 – Foundation Reports and Statements

 – “Success at Apache” focuses on the people and processes behind why the ASF “just works”.

 – Inside Infra: the new interview series with members of the ASF infrastructure team –meet Christ Thistlethwaite | Drew Foulks | Greg Stein Part I , Part II and Part III

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