The Apache News Round-up: week ending 11 October 2019

Happy Friday, everyone –let’s review what the Apache community has been up to over the past week:

ASF Board – management and oversight of the business affairs of the corporation in accordance with the Foundation’s bylaws.
 – The ASF welcomes Dave Fisher as a Director
 – Next Board Meeting: 16 October 2019. Board calendar and minutes

ApacheCon™ – the ASF’s official global conference series, bringing Tomorrow’s Technology Today since 1998
 – *T-11 days* to ApacheCon Europe
    –TRACKS: Big Data, Cloud, Community, IoT, Machine Learning, Open Source Design, Servers, and more.
    –KEYNOTES: European Commission DG DIGIT Director Thomas Gageik; Mastercard EVP for Global Cities Miguel A. Gamiño; writer/political analyst/activist Nanjala Nyabola; and ASF Founders Lars Eilebrecht, Cliff Skolnick, and Dirk-Willem van Gulik. 
    –SPECIAL EVENTS: BarCampApache, Hackathon, Movie Night, and more!
    –JOIN US:

 – ApacheCon/Las Vegas presentations now available, exclusively on Feathercast and YouTube

ASF Infrastructure – our distributed team on three continents keeps the ASF’s infrastructure running around the clock.
 – 7M+ weekly checks yield uptime at a rocking 99.98%. Performance checks across 50 different service components spread over more than 250 machines in data centers around the world.

Apache Code Snapshot – this week, 402 Apache contributors changed 877,602 lines of code over 2,173 commits. Top 5 contributors, in order, are: Gary Gregory, Andi Huber, Krisztián Szűcs, Joel Bernstein, and Jiajun Wang.

Apache Project Announcements – the latest updates by category.

Big Data —
 – Apache Arrow 0.15.0 released
 – Apache Beam 2.16.0 released
 – Apache HBase 2.1.7 released

Content —
 – Apache Allura 1.12.0 released
 – Apache Jackrabbit 2.19.5 released

Servers —
 – HttpComponents Core 5.0 beta9 (GA candidate) and HttpComponents Client 5.0 beta6 (GA candidate) released
 – HTTP Server mod_perl-2.0.11 released

Did You Know?

 – Did you know that ApacheCon Europe Community Partners include the European Commission Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT), and whose director, Thomas Gageik, will be keynoting the event?

 – Did you know that Apache Airflow and Druid (incubating), plus solutions based on Apache Ignite and Spark, won 2019 InfoWorld Bossie Awards?

 – Did you know that during ApacheCon North America, we collaborated with technologist/photographer Peter Adams on "Community Over Code. Code Over Community"?

Apache Community Notices:

 – The Apache Way to Sustainable Open Source Success

 – Celebrating 20 Years Community-led Development "The Apache Way"

 – ASF Founders look back on 20 Years of the ASF

 – Foundation Reports and Statements

 – ApacheCon: Tomorrow’s Technology Today since 1998

 – ASF Annual Report for FY2019

 – The Apache Software Foundation 2018 Vision Statement

 – Foundation Statement –Apache Is Open.

 – "Success at Apache" focuses on the processes behind why the ASF "just works".

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 – Do friend and follow us on the Apache Community Facebook page Twitter account

 – The list of Apache project-related MeetUps can be found at

 – Spark + AI Summit 2019 will be held 15-17 October in Amsterdam

 – Registration open for ApacheCon Europe 22-24 October 2019

 – Find out how you can participate with Apache community/projects/activities –opportunities open with Apache Camel, Apache HTTP Server, and more!

 – Are your software solutions Powered by Apache? Download & use our "Powered By" logos
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