How to Apply for Travel Assistance for Community Over Code 2023 Events

By: Gavin McDonald, Senior Systems Administrator & Project Management Committee Chair, TAC, ASF

Community Over Code: The ASF Conference

This year the ASF is hosting Community over Code events in Asia and North America. If you are interested in attending one of these events but face financial hardships that make attending difficult or impossible, we want to help! The ASF Travel Assistance Committee (TAC) was created to provide financial aid to members of the open source community who would otherwise be unable to attend one of our events. 

We are now accepting applications for both Community over Code events. Below you will find deadlines to apply and some general FAQs for our TAC fund program. For additional questions or concerns, please email us at tac-apply(at)apache(dot)org.

Q. What do the ASF TAC funds cover? 

A. ASF TAC funds aim to cover some or all of your transportation, hotel accommodations, and conference fees. They do not cover general living expenses while onsite at an event. 

Q. Who should apply?

A. We encourage anyone facing a financial barrier to attending one of our Community over Code events to apply for travel assistance. The ASF TAC provides financial aid to applicants whose attendance would benefit the applicant, the ASF, or the open source community. The TAC assesses an applicant’s merit based on the details provided within their application form. 

Q. How do I apply?

A. If you have not already done so, visit the online application and create an account by clicking the ‘Register’ link. If you are an ASF Committer, log in using your LDAP creds via OAuth. 

Q. Which event should I select?

A. We generally give preference to those who apply to attend an event nearest their home location. However, we will carefully consider any compelling reasons you present to participate in an event further away. 

For 2023, you can specify one of two events:

🇨🇳 Community Over Code | Asia: August 18-20, Beijing, China

TAC Application Deadline: July 6 

🇨🇦 Community Over Code | North America: October 7-10, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

TAC Application Deadline: July 22

Q: When are TAC fund recipients notified? 

A. We typically notify recipients within one week of the application deadline. If you have yet to hear from us by this time, you should assume that you did not qualify on this occasion. 

Q. What should I expect as a TAC recipient?

A. In return for financial assistance, we ask that you perform some duties while at the event, such as staffing the registration booth, helping spread the Apache Way message, and introducing or closing the sessions for our speakers. You will still have plenty of time to attend talks, see local attractions, and meet people from the ASF community face-to-face! You can read stories from previous Travel Assistance recipients here.

For more information about the TAC travel fund and the application process, visit