Apache Traffic Server v3.0.0 Features-At-A-Glance

In the works over the past year (v2.0 was released May 2010), Apache Traffic Server v3.0.0 is the result of contributions from more than 30 developers and contributors. Technical highlights include:

I. Contributions

– Over 1,000 "commits" (code, patches, or documentation written directly to the code repository);
– 380+ bug tickets resolved;
– 10 releases have been made during the development phase (v2.1.0 – 2.1.9)
II. New features/improvements
– Full 64-bit support;
– Client side IPv6 support;
– WCCP (Web Cache Communication Protocol);
– Clustering is functional and supported (many benefits include an efficient distributed cache);
– Major plug-in API improvements, making the APIs more feature rich and easier to use;
– Support for many platforms, including OSX, Solaris and FreeBSD (Linux, of course, was always supported);
– New improved RAM cache algorithms, for better performance and memory utilization
– Many configurations are now configurable per transaction (or per mapping rule)
– Many improvements in statistics and management APIs;
– Multiple accept threads, and a dedicated DNS thread:
– Build environment is now much more flexible, and package owner friendly;
– Many, many bug fixes for improved stability and functionality.
III. Performance improvements
– Overall throughput is 2-3x improved over v2.0 (depending on the traffic patterns)
– Response latency is up to 5x better than v2.0
– Benchmark: Serving small objects out of RAM cache, a high end server has showed over 220,000 requests / second
– Benchmark: Serving small objects that are not cacheable, the same high end server could proxy 100,000 requests / second
(NOTE: all benchmarks are on local network, with keep-alive)
Get Involved! Apache Traffic Server downloads, documentation, mailing lists, and related resources are available at http://trafficserver.apache.org/.

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